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Introduction of Senior Pastor
Rev. Ken, OGURI

Born in 1962 Hanamaki, Iwate

BA of German literature, College of Arts, Rikkyo University.

Mdiv, Tokyo Union University.


Served at Yotsuya Shinsei Church and Japanische Evangelische Gemeinde in Köln. Served at Kobe Seiai Church since 2006.


Part-time Instructor of School of Theology, Kwasei Gakuin University and Kobe College. Hymnal Committee, United Church of Christ in Japan.

A music lover( Plays recorder and flute).

He participation for a marathon event once  a year.

He live with his wife and 2 cats.


1-27, 1 Chome, Ikutacho, Chuo Ward, Kobe City, 651-0092, JAPAN
Tel.078-221-7547   Fax.078-221-3739


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